HIIt workouts

This section of videos is comprised of full body workouts that are going to cardio intensive and targeting various muscles groups. These are perfect when you want to raise the heart rate and burn maximum amount of calories while working upper body, core and lower body.


HIIt Workout #1

Our own take on the Spartan 300 challenge, minus the cgi muscles! This one is going to work every muscle in the body and test your anaerobic capacity. The aim is to complete it all as fast as possible and then comment with your times below.


hiit workout #2

Today's session is a full body HIIT workout that will help you burn fat and build functional muscle, with some mobility work to start you off!


HIIT Workout #3

Today we have a full body workout that is going to utilise all aspect of the suspension and resistance bands, from a high anchor point and a low anchor point.
We're going to be pulling, pushing, squatting, lunging, rotating and sprinting working through those functional movements necessary to improve performance posture, strength and body composition!