Here are our most frequently asked questions which may help answer your queries. 


1. How do I set my KO8 functional Training system up?


For simple set-up solutions to help you get started on your fitness journey check out our links:
How to set your KO8 up at home.

For at-home use: 

Use the KO8 Door Anchor included in your kit. Attach your exercise system to the Door Anchor and slide the Door Anchor over the top of your door (preferably a door that opens inwards/away from you) position the anchor point close to the hinges for optimal stability and security. Close the door (and lock if you can) and give the functional exercise system a light tug to pull the anchor taut and you're ready to go, if sharing accommodation please notify people you are using the door for exercise to avoid them opening the door and causing harm.

How to set your KO8 up outside. 

For outdoor use: 

Use the Long Black Anchor strap to connect to a tree, pull-up bar, jungle gym, fence, or pole. Wrap the Anchor strap around the fixed, sturdy object and pass the strap through the back of the cam buckle (this is very important) if you go through the front of the cam buckle there will be no purchase and the strap will slide and could cause harm. Once you have adjusted the length of your anchor strap you are ready to go.


2. What is the difference between the KO8 and the TRX or other suspension trainers?

Other suspension trainers, rely on the use of gravity to determine resistance for bodyweight exercises and they can also be used for stability or to give assistance during exercise. They will only really add resistance or assistance in the frontal and sagittal plane (forward-backward movement or side to side movement) and there are not many opportunities to work through the traverse plane (twist/rotation), unless you move your body around the straps. 

The KO8 is the perfect tool to unlock the transverse plane so that you can train your body in the way it was designed to. It can do everything that other suspension trainers do plus a whole lot more! The KO8 has the addition of adjustable resistance bands that can increase all the way unto 72kg. It has 3 modes which makes it the most versatile piece of portable equipment you can get your hands on. Suspension Mode, Resistance Mode and Athlete Mode  opens up a far greater exercise library for you to work through. You no longer having to rely on gravity and you can get really creative with your angles of vector (load lines) as you can attach the KO8 to a low floor level anchor point right through to an overhead height. 


3. How do I become a KO8 coach?

At the moment there are two pathways to become a certified KO8 coach. For the most comprehensive experience we advise one of our REPS registered live courses delivered by one of our master trainers or the creators themselves. So keep your eyes on the KO8 certification dates globally and be sure to book your place ASAP. 

The second option is to complete the online certification, a slightly different follow along experience that actually covers all the information from the live course and more, with a vast amount of information to ingest this method allows you to pause and hone your coaching skills at your own pace.


4. Is there a Master Trainer qualification? If so how do I become a KO8 Master Trainer?

KO8 has an extensive instructor development process to uphold the quality of our education. The first step is to fill out an instructor application form (resumes will not be accepted). The applicant must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Has attended a one-day, 8-hour KO8 functional certification Course
  • A proven leader in the fitness industry (conference presenting, published articles, DVD titles)
  • Already a proactive KO8 ambassador on social media channels.
  • Current National Certification (s) (e.g., ACE, NASM, NSCA,Active iQ etc.)
  • 2-3 years of presentation experience
  • 6-8 years experience in one or more of the following areas: fitness presentation, physical therapy, strength & conditioning coaching, group fitness, or personal training. 

Contact us at [email protected] to receive an instructor application to submit for consideration. These applications will be ranked by presentation and industry experience, as well as KO8 knowledge.


5.How do I host a KO8 education course?

We are currently adding dates to our international KO8 Academy calendar. If you feel you would like to host a certification please email [email protected] to enquire about our options.


6. How do I access my online course?

On completion of the purchase you will receive a confirmation email with instructions on how to set up your KO8 portal account to access your course materials. Please also remember to check your spam folder.

If you did not receive a confirmation email, please email us at [email protected] with your full name, payment confirmation and course date and time.


7. I am a complete beginner, can I do the online programs? 

Yes the program is designed with progressions and regressions so it is applicable for complete beginners to advanced athletes.


8. Can I complete the program in my own time?

Yes even though the program is designed for optimal results over 8 weeks you can complete it at your own time. You can even repeat elements or repeat the whole program once you are finished.


9. Why does the payment option only show in dollars?

USD is a global currency and as we deal with customers internationally this is the best choice. Our built in currency converter will provide you with the prince in your own narrative currency dependant upon your IP address however you have the option to change this with the drop down button. The transaction will be processed in USD at the current exchange rates at no additional charge.


10. What if I damage my KO8 whilst exercising?

Your KO8 is covered by a 12 month replacement warranty. As long as you adhere to the safety distances in the user manual this should not happen. To avoid weathering and other damage you KO8 system should be packed away and stored inside after use. If you have damaged your KO8 and are covered by the warranty please contact. [email protected]




Thank You!